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ZeroDown Websites™

Don’t have the time or skills to build your own DIY website? We’ve got your back, with a professionally built site, suitable for YOUR business.

Peace-of-Mind Hosting℠

We take the worry out of hosting, with 99.99% uptime, full security suite, nightly backups, regular WordPress and plugin updates, and direct support.

SEO / Social Media Marketing

Building a website is a start, but what then? We guide our clients through the many choices they have to drive traffic to their own websites.


We help our clients set up automated systems to maximize productivity in dealing with prospects, sales and client nurturing and retention.

 Get your own new website + hosting on a monthly plan!

ZeroDown WebSites™

Having been in the Internet arena for over 20 years, we recognize that not everyone has the budget for a fully customized website, nor the time to learn and build their own. We aim to bridge the gap between crappy DIY builder-grade websites and high-priced custom sites, with a professionally built, semi-customized website that is suitable for YOUR business.

What are ZeroDown Websites™?

An affordable, quick way to develop a presence on the web

Instead of a large up-front development fee, we build your site and host it on super-fast servers, and allow you to pay it out over 12 months.

Not your average DIY designs

We start with a base set of over 75 layouts, that we then customize with your logo, colors, and branding, to make the site your own.

An affordable, quick way to develop a presence on the web

Instead of a large up-front investment, we build your site and host it on super-fast servers for zero down, and allow you to pay our fees out over 12 months.

 We take the worry out of hosting your website!

Peace-of-Mind Hosting℠

We provide the best fully-managed WordPress specific website hosting available, at affordable prices. We treat all of our clients sites as if they are our own. Your site is monitored 24/7, backed up nightly and secured with the latest hardware and software technology. In addition, we keep on top of WordPress and plugin updates. We have a passion for protecting your website and YOUR business from the evil that lurks on the Interwebs.

What is Peace-of-Mind Hosting℠?

99.99% Uptime

We’ve been around the block a few times and know what it takes to keep your site running and accessible 24/7/365.

Nightly Backups

Should your website be comprised, or more likely botched by someone in your organization, we’ll restore it with one-click ease!

WordPress and Plugin Updates

Not sure if the latest WordPress update is for you? We’ll handle that and any plugin updates as well, to keep your site up-to-date, secure and running the way it should.

 What’s your plan to drive traffic to your new site?

SEO/Social Media Marketing

We’ll build you an awesome website to start, but what if no one sees it? We can help you sift through the many choices you have to drive traffic to your website, so you don’t have to run out and get a masters in marketing. We know that the point of your website is to get people interested in, (or coming into) YOUR business, and then moving on to to purchase your wonderful products and services. So our team takes the time to learn about you and your business objectives and works with you to develop the right plan to help you meet your budget and sales goals.

What SEO & Social Media Marketing?

Google is no friend to a static site

SEO (search engine optimization), when properly applied to your site, helps it get noticed. It doesn’t happen overnight, but with consistent effort, it will happen. We start with the right foundation and build on that weekly and monthly to move your site up in the rankings.

You don't have to love Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

You just have to know that your target audience is most likely on those platforms daily. If you want to keep you, your business needs to be there too. We can educate your people to stay on top of it, we can handle it all for you, or we can work together – your choice.

 Don’t get behind because you’re too “busy”!

Marketing Automation

Responding to your prospective customers or clients in a timely matter can be time consuming. To help streamline your processes, we’ll help you set up automated systems to maximize productivity and speed of response. No more worrying about the “one that got away.” You’ll know where everyone is in the process flow and that the next step in helping them to a decision is already automated to be sent out at the right time!

What is Marketing Automation?

Lead Capture Pages

Once set up properly, a lead capture page should provide an easy way for a client or customer to take the next step to a purchase.

Automated Follow-Up

The average purchaser usually needs several “touches” before they pull the trigger. Sending automated texts, voicemails and emails is much easier and faster than doing it yourself. 

Drip Campaigns

Whether they’ve purchased or not, keep your prospects and customers in the loop with timed campaigns so that you stay on their mind.

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